Welcome to the website of the Practice of Dr. Rudi Hayden. Here you will find more information about Dr. Hayden, the workings of his practice and some of the more common urological problems and their treatments. It also provides patients with general guidelines to follow before consultations and admissions. Appointment requests can be made through this site as well as email queries and feedback of your interaction with us.


What is urology? Urology is a branch of medicine which deals with the urinary system in both men and women, as well as the reproductive system in men. Urological diseases are becoming more common as the population continues to age.

Dr Hayden completed his urology specialization in 2016 and started his private practice career at the Urology Hospital in East London, working alongside and learning from some of the leaders in South African Urology. In July 2022 he decided to join the East London Urology Team of Drs Fred Tyler and DAP Louw at the Life Beacon Bay Hospital to help with the growing need of urology services in the Eastern Cape.

He obtained his medical degree in 2001 from the University of the Free State. After his internship, community service and one year as a medical officer, he worked in the United Kingdom for 18 months. Upon returning to South Africa he gained additional experience in the disciplines of family medicine, general surgery, trauma, intensive care and nephrology, before specializing in urology.

The practice focuses on general urology and Dr Hayden enjoys interaction with a variety of patients. He believes that the ultimate goal of treatment involves more than curing of disease. Improvement or sustainment of quality of life is just as important. Dr Hayden values societal and family structures and understands the impact thereof on patients and their healing process. He also subscribes to a strong moral and ethical code both professionally and also in his own personal life. The wellbeing of his patients is of great importance to him.

He practices with modern equipment and strives to remain abreast of new technology and developments in the field of urology.

Dr Hayden is stationed at the Life Beacon Bay Hospital in East London where he does most of his consultations and procedures.