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Consultation fees:
Patients on Medical Aids:

Medical aid fees are charged according to contracted rates with the medical aid of the patient.

The practice management service will submit a claim to the relevant medical aid for payment. Please note that the person responsible for payment may still receive an account from the practice management service, depending on the status of the medical aid account, and may be asked to pay the difference at the practice.

Services charged for include consultation, urine analysis, ultrasound and uroflow tests. These services are rendered as deemed necessary and are billed as separate entities.

Patients not on Medical Aids:

Fees depend on the service(s) rendered, and are payable at the time of consultation. Expect the amount to be in the region of R 1600 – R 2000.


The account may be used (along with the receipt) to submit a claim to the medical aid and/or be used for tax purposes.

Planned in-hospital procedures:

Patients with medical aids need to ensure authorization from their medical aid is obtained in advance. The practice may assist in obtaining authorization via the pre-admission department of the Hospital with the relevant ICD 10 and procedure codes. Please note that there may be a co-payment applicable to the practice even if authorization had been obtained from the medical aid.
Cash patients will need to obtain a cost estimate from the practice, hospital and the anaesthetist firm - the practice will help with the procedure codes, estimated time of procedure and estimated length of stay in the hospital.
Please note that for procedures, the practice, the hospital and other health care providers (such as anaesthesiologist and other specialists, X-ray department, dietitians and physiotherapists) may also separately bill the patient for services rendered.

Emergency hospital visits and procedures:

Commonly, but not always, authorization is obtained by the Hospital from the Medical aid, but the person responsible for the account may still be liable for a part or the whole sum of the account, depending on the Medical aid.